Nesting Rewards

Nesting is a way for our holders to demonstrate their commitment to the community. It’s a way to lock up your bird—meaning it can’t be sold on a marketplace—without it ever leaving your wallet.

a bird-house made of solid silver


Through nesting, holders become eligible for additional benefits. From time to time we announce perks or airdrops exclusive to nested birds—some for everyone, others for birds with specific traits.

Other rewards are tied to your “nesting tier”, which reflect how long a bird has been nested. When you hit a new tier you’ll unlock a new Tier Reward, a small token of our appreciation for your participation in the community.

Nesting tiers

Every bird has a “nest streak”, showing how many days it has been continuously nested. To upgrade your nest, you’ll need to hit the minimum nesting streak for the next level—unlocking your next tier reward.

Diamond Nest is the highest tier a Moonbird can reach. After that, all the benefits for nested birds listed on this page will continue—there just won’t be any more tier rewards.

If a bird is unnested, it will keep its latest nest level but its nesting streak will be reset. Nest level rewards can be claimed once each per bird.

Straw Nest

0 days: The starting point for all birds. Simple, but comfortable.

Bronze Nest

30 days: Choice of dad hat or snapback, plus Moonbird stickers and a bronze nest pin.

Silver Nest

60 days after Bronze: Cotopaxi fanny packs, socks and a silver nest enamel pin.

Gold Nest

90 days after Silver: 1-of-1 personalized Infinite Objects frame of your Moonbird, animated by Mark Mograph.

Diamond Nest

180 days after Gold: Diamond Exhibition and Mythic Egg Claim.

Reward Library

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