All new mechanics

How Grails Works

This season we’re introducing two new mechanics: Editions and Series. Every Grail will also now have a hard cap on total supply. See a work you want to mint? You might have to act fast. Read below for complete details about these new types of Grails.

Frequently asked questions


These Grails consist of a single artwork minted as an edition. Once an Edition has reached its mint capacity, it will no longer be available.

RequiredMint Pass
Mint capacity50
Number of artworks1


These Grails are a curated selection of artworks by a single artist. Each mint pulls a random selection from the series.

RequiredMint Pass
Mint capacity150
Number of artworksVaries
mint pass

Mint Pass

Minting a Grail requires a Grails III Mint Pass. Passes are airdropped to PROOF Collective NFT holders. In addition, nested “Grail” trait Moonbirds will be automatically entered in a raffle to be airdropped 1 of 10 Mint Passes. Passes may also be purchased on the secondary market. Once minting opens, passes can be redeemed for a Grail.