Home of the Moonbirds' and Mythics' community-supported builders. Welcome to the “Moonbirds DAO”— or to give it its official title, the Lunar Society.


It's the Moonbirds' goal to become a global household name and an undisputed leader in the NFT “PFP” space. Ambitious, sure—but if we can effectively harness the creativity, experience and passion of our community to build along with us, the sky is the limit.

The purpose of the Lunar Society is to support projects that meet its objectives:

  • To grow the Moonbirds and Mythics brands (in and out of the NFT space)
  • To deliver excellent, varied experiences, projects and products to Moonbirds and Mythics holders

The society treasury will be funded through


Initial cash injection from the PROOF treasury


Moonbirds from the PROOF treasury


Worth of Moonbirds purchased on open market


Of secondary royalties from Moonbirds and Mythics

How It Works

For Moonbirds & Mythics

Society voting is restricted to Moonbirds and Mythic holders. Each Moonbird has three votes per NFT and each Mythic will have one vote per NFT—meaning that even when all 20k Mythics have been hatched, the Moonbirds will have a majority of the voting power.

A Moonbird and a Mythic

Holders can learn about new projects through dedicated Discord channels—where builders can share initial ideas to get feedback and buy in—and bi-weekly "shark tank" style Town Halls.

Every other week, a new batch of proposals will be put up for review and voting. Voting will be live for one week on proof.xyz. Results will be announced both on our site and in Discord.

Voting will require holders to create a Collector Profile on proof.xyz. This means that you can vote with ease (no Ledger required!), while we figure out how many votes that corresponds to based on your holdings across all wallets on the back end.

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How It Works

For Builders & Creators

In line with the Society's objectives, to be put forward to the community for voting projects must fit (at least) one of the following criteria:


Elevate Moonbirds' standing within the web3 community, by funding initiatives which help further Moonbirds' reputation as a leading creative and technical project in the space.


Promote the Moonbirds and Mythics brand beyond web3 to further our goal of establishing the birds as a recognizable brand outside of our ecosystem. Projects which help bring the Moonbirds and Mythics more into the public eye.


Experiences or products which directly benefit holders. For example, physical or digital items distributed to holders (perhaps linked to a particular sub-trait) or funding holder events.

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Types of Support


Key of approval

This allows you to use the Lunar Society seal of approval on your site, product packaging and so on. Approved projects will be featured in our Society projects page, invited to at least one PROOF-coordinated “builder spotlight”, amplified from our Twitter account to ensure reach, and awarded a “Builder” status in Discord for exclusive creator channels.


Project funding

You can apply for up to $50k per proposal (if you need more, get in touch to discuss as we may be able to make exceptions). Funding will automatically come with the Society stamp of approval and all that entails; if you also want to use the Moonbirds trademark you’ll need to specifically request that in your application.

Moonbird logo

Trademark usage

Projects interested in licensing the “Moonbirds” mark should consider whether it makes sense for them. Trademark laws are complex and don’t lend themselves to a one-size-fits-all approach. That being said, once approved by the Society, our legal team will work with you to determine the best approach for your particular use case. Moreover, the Lunar Society seal does include “Moonbirds Approved” and is likely the right fit for most projects.

How It Works

The process

The process is approximately the same for all of these routes. In short:


Ideation: Share your ideas with the community for initial feedback and buy in, via a dedicated Discord channel and fortnightly Shark Tank voice chats (Optional but recommended!)


Application: Send us your proposal using our template form. Additional images and videos are recommended but optional! A PROOF team member will make sure you've included all the required information and that your project is eligible for voting.


Voting: Proposals go live every other week, with a 7 day voting period. During this time you'll need to whip up excitement amongst the community, as you won't just need majority approval—you'll also need the minimum number of votes to be cast to get your proposal passed!


KYC and background checks: KYC is an unavoidable step for those requiring funding, in line with US laws. In addition, if you've chosen to remain anonymous to the community, we may ask you to prove any relevant experience which you've relied on in your application.


Delivery time! As you work to deliver on your goals, we'll work with you to provide mentorship, communicate progress to the community, and help signpost others to the fruits of your labor.

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Frequently asked questions

Two reasons: because we think the Lunar Society is much more fun; and because strictly speaking the organization is not legally a “decentralized autonomous organization”. Otherwise, plans for the Society remain unchanged since we first announced the Moonbirds DAO.