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Meet Toobins.

Who is Toobins? What is Toobins?

What we do know is but scant knowledge. Is he a parasite? A planar-bending worm-thingy? Does he end? Does he have a butt? How much money would it take to make you spend a night in a cemetery? All great questions. We don’t have the answers, but suffice to say, we’re all in this together. And it’s mostly kind of terrifying.

But by the mercy of Y’naru’s Light, we can all be visited by Toobins like some sort of uninvited inter-dimensional house guest. What’s more, after Toobins has visited us, he’ll leave behind a prized Toobins Charm to prove that he’s graced us with his existentially-questionable presence.

This is Toobins Run; a new community activation from your friends at PROOF.

The Details

Toobins on a token
Toobins on a token

What is Toobins Run?

We teamed up with The Worm NFT to launch a very special version of the beloved “100% on-chain share-to-mint transformative spiritual experience.” In our version, Toobins travels through the Moonbirds community, leaving behind a wallet-bound Toobins Charm NFT in each wallet.

How do I play?

Just as the prophecies foretold, there is only one Toobins NFT. Your challenge is to connect with the Moonbird community, find who has Toobins, and get them to transfer the Toobins NFT to your wallet. When you send it to another Moonbird holder (Toobins wouldn’t dare visit a wallet without a Moonbird!), it mints the Toobins Charm into your wallet.

Yes, this game will support, so you’re free to play with your delegated hot wallet!

Toobins on a token

Where is Toobins now?

Toobins will begin with the Dead Bird Society subparliament! Join us on Discord to learn how to get in on the fun.

You can also visit the OpenSea page to see who has it now.

Important information

  • The Toobins NFT cannot be burned or sold.
  • The Toobins NFT can only be transferred to a wallet once.
  • The PROOF team can “yoink” the Toobins NFT if it sits idle in someone’s wallet for more than 24 hours. We’ll send it to another community member to keep Toobins runnin’.
Toobins on a token

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