Rise of Mythics: A Moonbirds Legend

A Moonbirds Film

Explore the world of the Oddities, walk the path of sacrifice, or honor the embered at the great Oddsoleum.

Enter the Burrows

Frequently asked questions

Each egg contains within it the soul of a Mythic that will be set free by the flames of the Odd God’s Hearth.

There are three types of egg: Legendary, Runic, and Stone. A Legendary Egg can spawn three Mythic forms; it will be down to the minter to decide which form their Mythic will take. A Runic Egg has two potential forms, and a Stone Egg only one.

Your odds of getting a Legendary Egg will decrease the later you claim your egg. Eggs claimed within the first week of the first Diamond Nest being hit have the highest chance of a Legendary Egg (60%; rest are Runic). Those claimed after the first week within the first month also have better odds (40% Legendary; 60% Runic). Thereafter you are more likely to receive a humble Stone egg (20% Legendary; 60% Runic; 20% Stone).