The burrows

Scroll to explore, or step into the Hearth of the Odd God to nominate your Oddity.

Oddity Management

A mythic egg rests on a mound of bones

Manage the fate of your precious Oddities. Will you sacrifice an Oddity for a Mythic? Or will you choose to save them for eternity?

Oddity sacrifices have ended

A mythic egg rests on a mound of bones

Know the moment your Oddity is sacrificed.

Could you be bothered to opt-in to email communications from the Odd God when he burns your dear Oddity? Don’t worry. He won’t send any links. Just a fateful message to dust off the embered remains and reveal your new Mythic.

In memoriam

After the sacrifice

As every Oddity is sacrificed, their existence is burned from reality while their ashes are assembled into a memory for all to honor. The creator of Oddities has also written a special message for those considering an Oddity Sacrifice. Go see for yourself…

The Oddsoleum

A timpani made by oddities. An oddi-tympani.

A shrine to honor the Oddities that once were. Burned for a greater cause, these embered ashes will be remembered in our hearts for ages to come.

Honor the embered
detailed look at the burrows

Burn. Burn them all.