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Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible for the mint, and what is the price per mint?

Minting a Grail requires a Grails III Mint Pass. Passes are airdropped to PROOF Collective NFT holders. In addition, nested “Grail” trait Moonbirds will be automatically entered in a raffle to be airdropped 1 of 10 Mint Passes. Passes may also be purchased on the secondary market. Once minting opens, passes can be redeemed for a Grail for 0.05 E.

I don’t have a mint pass. Can I still participate?

Yes, it’s likely that passes will be listed for sale on the secondary market. You may purchase a pass to participate in the mint.

What is the total supply of the Grails III Collection?

The theoretical maximum supply of the collection is 1,075: 1,000 to PROOF Collective NFT holders; 40 to artists for their genesis and selection mints; 20 to the PROOF Treasury; 10 to randomly selected nested “Grail” Moonbirds; and 5 for PROOF giveaways/marketing.

What is the difference between Editions and Series type Grails?

Editions are similar to Grails from past seasons, except that they are capped at 50 editions per Grail. Editions consist of a single artwork, and once the mint capacity is reached, it will no longer be available.

Series are new for Grails III. These Grails consist of a series of curated artworks created by a single artist. Each mint pulls a random selection from the series. The Grails site will reveal the first variant artwork in the series, along with the total number of variants that can be pulled from the series. All Series include a mint cap of 150 total mints.

How many of each Grail can be minted?

Editions are capped at 50 mints per Grail. Series contain between 5 and 150 unique artworks, but in all cases are capped at a total of 150 mints per series. Ultimately, mint numbers of each Grail depend on the supply cap, number of unique artworks and/or individual popularity of each piece.

When do I learn who created the artwork I minted?

PROOF will hold an online Grails III artist reveal event on January 27, 2023. Stay tuned for more details.

What additional benefits do I get for holding a Grail?

Grail holders gain access to the Grails channel in the PROOF Discord to engage directly with artists and PROOF collectors. Additionally, Grails holders will have the opportunity to attend future Grails-centric online and real-life events, and create a Collector Profile on

How do NFT sales proceeds and artist royalties work?

100% of primary sales are pooled and distributed to participating artists. There is a 10% royalty on secondary sales that goes directly to the artist responsible for the work. Starting with the Grails III collection, we have instituted a block in the smart contract to prevent secondary sales on marketplaces that do not honor creator royalties.

I’m thinking of buying a PROOF Collective NFT. Is there anything to be aware of?

Yes. PROOF Collective “perks” are tied to our Terms of Use. Additionally, if you’re interested in minting a Grail, please check to make sure the Grails III Mint Pass has not already been distributed to current PROOF Collective holders. PROOF makes no guarantee of NFT eligibility.