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Phase 1: Day One Pass Airdrop

Passes are airdropped to Day One Nesters which unlock the ability to rank your artwork minting preferences.

Phase 2: Day One Pass Preference Selection

Submit your artwork ranking by burning your Day One Pass. Preference selection ends on April 27 at 12:01 AM (Pacific Time). Artworks will be airdropped shortly thereafter.

Phase 3: All Diamond Nest Moonbirds

The exhibition opens for all other Moonbirds who have hit Diamond Nest to date. It also remains open for additional Moonbirds who hit Diamond Nest on an ongoing basis. Claim your mint pass and then mint the artwork of your choice.

Phase 4: Pass Claim Ends

Mint passes can no longer be claimed, but artwork can be minted.

Diamond Mechanics

Mint Eligibility

All non-Day One Moonbirds will become eligible to mint a remaining artwork of their choice once they hit the Diamond nest level.

Alternatively, they may choose to instead mint a Diamond Mint Pass, which they can sell and allow a new holder to choose their own artwork.

Art Collection Types

This exhibition features 22 different collections with varying supply counts and mint mechanics. The following terms are used to classify the different collections in the exhibition.

Series is a designation used for pre-curated collections that are already generated.

Generative is a designation used to classify works that are assembled/created generatively at mint. These collections are powered by Art Blocks Engine.

Edition is a designation used to classify collections with multiple mints of a single or a few artworks.

Diamond Mint Passes