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Moonbirds are collectors, creatives, and dreamers. Our community is a home for those seeking real connection as we all contribute to the future of web3 art and culture.


Pick Your Style

Change between the pixelated and illustrated art at any time. And to make it even better, the illustrated artwork carries personal and commercial use rights.

Pixelated Moonbird art


Illustrated Moonbird art


Fully “in-chain”

The pixelated art is fully on-chain (aka “in-chain”)—meaning that the images are rendered directly from the Ethereum smart contracts. This unlocks a world of possibilities for customization.

a mystical Moonbird tome radiating magical light
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Custom backgrounds

Not only do we have commemorative backgrounds by Moonbirds artist, Justin Mezzell, but we collab with artists like XCOPY and Des Lucréce for collectors of their work.

backgrounds that are available for Moonbirds
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Holder benefits

Customizable avatars

Update your Moonbird’s appearance based on your wallet’s holdings or achievements within the PROOF ecosystem.

Community membership

Join the Moonbirds community on Discord, on Twitter, and as a Collector on the PROOF art platform.

Digital & IRL events

Connect with the amazing people who make up the Moonbirds community live and in-person at meetups and other events. Find the schedule on our Events page.

Talon rewards

As you hold Moonbirds and Mythics, you'll earn reward points called Talons. Talons can be redeemed for exclusive experiences, digital goods, and physicals in the Talons Marketplace.

Art & collectible drops

Enjoy digital drops exclusively for the Moonbirds, from Oddities and Mythics, to Diamond Exhibition.


Diamond Exhibition

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    Now live

    Moonbirds: Mythics

    The official expansion of the Moonbirds ecosystem will welcome into our community a new generation of birds.

    sample mythics NFTs