a mystical Moonbird tome radiating magical light

Moonbirds art, preserved on the Ethereum blockchain forevermore

Every layer used to make up the 10,000 piece Moonbird collection is now stored on the Ethereum blockchain, alongside a smart contract which will assemble the pieces for each bird and output the images directly to wallets, galleries and marketplaces. As there's no need for an image to ever be saved anywhere else—not even IPFS—this guarantees your bird will be available for as long as the Ethereum blockchain survives.

This also allows us to introduce a special background for Proof Collective holders, which can be applied to any nested birds they hold in the same wallet as their pass (but will be removed when the bird is moved, or when the background is switched off).

There's just one final piece missing. Each Moonbird's attributes need to be logged on the chain, so that its relevant token knows which layers it needs to add together.

Sure, we could have done it for you—but where's the fun in that?! It's your bird; we want you to have the honor. Although if you don't want it, we'll be putting any remaining birds' data on-chain ourselves in April 2023.

Learn more about what went into putting Moonbirds in-chain.