An immersive art experience where artist identities are kept secret until after mint.

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Grails IV

Mint Passes

Minting a Grail requires a Grails IV Mint Pass. Passes are airdropped to PROOF Collective NFT holders on August 1st. In addition, Moonbirds who have hit the Diamond Nest tier by the time of Mint Pass airdrop will be entered in a raffle for a Mint Pass. 25 winners will be selected. Stay tuned for other ways to win a Mint Pass, and they may always be purchased on the secondary market.

Mint passes
grails season four

How Grails works

Grails are slowly revealed leading up to the exhibition mint, but the artist identities are kept secret from the entire audience. Once the mint comes to an end, PROOF holds a Live Artist Reveal event that showcases intimate interviews, behind the scenes, and artist commentary. Choose wisely and we look forward to seeing you at Grails IV.

Frequently asked questions


These Grails consist of multiple editions of a single artwork. Once mint capacity is reached, it will no longer be available.

Supply per Grail50
Number of artworks1


Outputs are generated by the artist's code during the minting process. Each mint generates a unique output from the collection using Art Blocks Engine.

Supply per Grail150
Number of artworks150


Outputs are curated in advance by the artist. Each mint generates a unique piece from the collection.

Supply per GrailVaries
Number of artworksVaries
Grails eye backgroundGrails eye
grails season four