The first solo exhibition by Other World. A story told in twelve parts.


A scorched land, a falling cherub, an endless night. Visions by Other World is a daring and colorful look into a darker side of the human condition, bringing together classical compositions with hooded icons. Twelve evocative digital paintings will be revealed over twelve days, chronicling morality and facetious existentialism in close illustrative detail. Visions is Other World’s first solo exhibition. All works are accompanied by a framed archival giclee custom print, hand-signed by the artist. The twelve pieces will be sold through private inquiry. During the week of Frieze Los Angeles, collectors can see the artwork in person at a special event at Soho House West Hollywood on February 26th, 2024. Learn more here.

Visions IRL Exhibition

Images from Other World's first solo exhibition in Los Angeles, California.


Behind the Work with Other World

Please tell us about how this exhibition came to fruition. Why does it feel important for you to release this work right now? These works are an exploration of human nature seen through my eyes. Each work has a special and specific meaning to me that tells the story of the dark side of the human condition in parts. My goal with each work is to convey strong feelings in the viewer and pull them into my world. The art should display beauty as well as some uneasiness if the viewer gazes long enough. Alongside this, this project is an experimentation and growth of my art through collage and abstract elements. The first and last pieces are most like my previous works in the sense that the world that is shown (mostly) follows the laws of physics with a cohesive setting. The remaining visions in between this start and finish are more chaotic and deconstructed scenes that use disoriented scale, abstraction, and fragmented collage to convey their message. You’re currently a PhD candidate in Biomedical Engineering – how does this relate to your artwork and creative process? Science has played a big role in my view of life and morality. This bleeds into my art unconsciously. Also, the PhD program has trained me in researching, planning, and executing experiments and projects, which has been very helpful for my art career.

Why did you decide to include a physical element (framed prints) with each piece? I want my art to be enjoyed in multiple ways. This includes displaying on a screen and on a physical material. Art prints are an established method of displaying artworks, which makes it a familiar way of enjoying art for many viewers. Digital art, especially crypto art, alongside digital displays, are fairly new mediums and methods for experiencing art. Having both options for displaying the works is only beneficial to the collector. We’ve worked with one of the best printers in Los Angeles, Picture Frame Gallery, to print and frame this collection. The printing process requires meticulous, hands-on quality control. The result is a color-accurate and finely textured work of art that presents a different experience than that of a screen. What has been the most rewarding aspect of your artistic career thus far? The most rewarding experience is the support and friendship that I have experienced through sharing my art. Hearing people say how much they appreciate my work will never fail to touch my heart. The friends and highly talented people I’ve met along the way are both a source of inspiration as well as support. Alongside this, creating my art has made me look much deeper into my own life which has resulted in magnitudes of positive change and growth. What’s next for you and your art? What are you excited about moving forward? I go where the art takes me. Each step in my artistic career is aimed at advancing my skills as an artist and experimenting with new mediums and ideas. I’m going to create higher-quality art through ambitious and ever-growing art projects. What’s important here is that although I have specific milestones to achieve, I don’t see myself ever concluding my art career. There is an infinite amount of progression to be made, but a finite amount of time. One of the next steps is the creation of “Garden of Other Worldly Delights.” This is an artwork that is based on Hieronymus Bosch’s magnum opus, “Garden of Earthly Delights.” The piece consists of a triptych that is extremely detailed at a height of ~6 feet (185.8cm) and width of ~16.77 feet (511.3 cm). In its closed form, it has a diptych on the exterior. I won’t say much, but I am going to do my best to maintain the godly detail of the original in my rendition of this monumental piece of art.