A space for builders.

We believe in empowering web3 builders and communities through the sharing of knowledge and technologies. Here you’ll find resources for our communities and even some of the tech we use to power the PROOF ecosystem. Come build with us.

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Originally built to generate the Mythics collection, Fateweaver is a complete library written in TypeScript for generating randomized NFT outputs given a set of assets and rules. It handles both attribute generation and image rendering, and comes with a suite of scripts to help you analyze and tweak a collection with ease.

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A data-processing pipeline that will take any data, compress it, and convert it into smart contracts ready to be deployed to Ethereum Mainnet or indeed any other EVM-compatible chain. We built this to put the Moonbirds in-chain, and are sharing it with the wider community to aid and encourage further in-chain art collections.

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Welcome into the Moonlight, the official design system for PROOF, an art-focused web3 company. This is intended to share our brand and design philosophy as a way to kickstart your own projects or for community members and builders to access resources for Moonbirds, Oddities, PROOF Collective, Lunar Society, and more!

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Moonbirds Assets

While the Moonbirds and their layers can now all be found on-chain, creators looking to use the birds or their constituent elements might find it easier to use these files from our public Github. Includes SVGs and PNGs for each bird, as well as a PNG for each layer and a JSON linking assets to bird numbers. Moonbirds art is CC0, meaning these files can be used by any creative—we just ask that you don't use the Moonbirds (trademark) name without permission.

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Oddities Assets

A PNG for each and every one of artist Gremplin's 10,000 regurgitated owl pellets—better known as the Oddities. Oddities art is also CC0 and available to all to use.

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In partnership with OpenSea, curio.tools, and icy.tools: A new, open source rarity protocol providing a transparent and mathematically grounded standard for calculating rarity within a collection. PROOF’s VP Engineering, Arran, led the algorithmic development based on the fundamentals of Information Theory. You can learn more on this PROOF podcast episode.